Stomach Acid – I know,  sounds bad right?

It is a very common misconception that acid reflux, indigestion or other digestive symptoms are caused by too much stomach acid.  What is surprising is that 90% of indigestion is actually due to low stomach acid….who knew?

Watch the video to find out why you want more stomach acid and how to fix it (3:11).


So to recap:

Why is stomach acid so important?  Let me count the ways…

  1. It kills any bad bacteria, parasites or mold that you ingest.
  2. It helps to start the digestion of proteins.  (Ever feel like you have a lump in your tummy after eating meat?  It could be due to low stomach acid).
  3. It initiates the acid trigger.  Acid…what?  Humour me here for a second….when the food leaves your stomach it is supposed to trigger the release of bile from your gallbladder (to help digest fats) and digestive enzymes from your pancreas (to help digest proteins and carbohydrates).  The problem is, if you don’t have enough stomach acid this trigger won’t work properly…..and guess what?  You won’t be able to digest your food properly either (grrrr).

OK, I could go on buut, I think you get the point…this stuff is important!

So how do you know if you have low stomach acid?  You probably have gas, bloating or belch often after eating, have difficulty digesting meat or maybe you get acid reflux (heartburn).  There are tests that you can take to see if you have low stomach acid.  Here is a link that describes the different tests  (psst...some of them can be done at home).

What do you do if you have low stomach acid?  In my last video “You are NOT what you Digest” I highlighted 3 things you can do to improve digestion – those will all help with low stomach acid.  Here is the link if you need a refresher.  There is also a supplement that you can take called Betaine Hydrocloride (HCL).  How much, when  and how long to take it can be discussed with your health professional.

If this blog post wasn’t enough – here is a whole book on it: Why Stomach Acid is Good for You by Jonathan Wright ….this is a great resource to  learn all that you want about stomach acid….now that’s really loving your stomach acid (I’m so proud!).

Thanks so much for watching.