Here are a few of my favourite things


Health/nutrition books 

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It Starts with Food

The title says it all. A fantastic read to help you understand why we eat the food we eat.  t gives you an action plan to get yourself back on track (I have done the Whole 30 and it does wonders!)

Eat the Yolks

Why do we fear fat?  Why do people only eat egg whites? This book dispels common myths that we hold as truth. A great quick read for advice on leading a healthier life (you’ll laugh out loud too).


Eating on the Wild Side

What is the best type of apple to buy? What is the best way to store lettuce? This is a fantastic resource book that talks about the best produce to buy, how to store and cook it.  I have this book and use it all the time.


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Practical Paleo

More than a cookbook, this book is filled tons of information including meal plans for various health issues.  You can’t miss the ‘poop parade’!  All the recipes are easy to make and  ‘practical’ :).


Ruhlmans Twenty

I had to learn how to cook when I changed the way that I ate. What surprised me was it really came down to some basic skills. This book covers 20 of those skills. You’ll be an ‘expert’ in no time!

Real Life Paleo

Are you looking to transition your family to a healthier way of eating? It’s easier said than done (I know, I’ve been there).  Here is a 3 step process to help make that transition as painless as possible.


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Healthy Holiday Cooking

It is possible to eat healthy over the holidays (who knew)? This cookbook provides you with delicious recipes you need to help you from sun-up to sun-down over the holidays (plus it has fondue!)

Skintervention Guide

If you have been struggling with skin issues – here is your solution!  Liz provides great advice and strategies to give you the skin that you want! Liz understands how desperate you feel (she’s been there!).

Skintervention Purely Paleo Skincare


Healthy Baby Code

This resource did not come out until after I had children (after much difficulty) if it was, I would have purchased it immediately. I value Chris Kresser’s advice the most.

Kitchen tools

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Immersion blender

Perfect for soups, sauces and of course, mayo! Easy set-up and clean-up.  I use mine all the time.


(aka Zester/Grater) Great for ginger, cinnamon or when you need just a little touch of something.


Meat thermometer

Set it and forget it! No really, insert the thermometer, set the temperature and be notified when your meat is ready. Love this!

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