Reboot and beyond (12 week program)

You’re here because,

  • You’re tired of always ‘wishing’ you could lose the weight and are ready to just DO. IT. ALREADY.
  • You hate how this weight thing is holding you back from being who you can be.
  • Despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to do it on your own.

What you really need is someone who will:

Give you the support, the guidance, and quite frankly,
a good kick in the pants to make it happen.



  • Are ready take control of their life and this time make it happen
  • Are confused with all of the ‘nutritional advice’ out there and just want the goods -straight up and simple
  • Need someone who will hold their hand but dole out ‘tough love’ when necessary
  • Understand that it take more than nutrition to build the life that you want


  • Aren’t ready to make a change in their lives (I mean, you have to WANT to make a change)
  • Are looking for someone to spoonfeed them and do all of the work for them (Sorry, no cookie cutter meal plans offered here)
  • Are looking for a ‘quick fix’ that will only work temporarily (If you are ready to do the work, I am ready to help you)


  • Answer the essential questions everyone should ask before they start any lifestyle change.
  • Set you up for success from the beginning by understanding your unique challenges and put a plan in place to make it happen.
  • Develop strategies to help you break the bad habits that always get in your way.
  • Design a nutrition plan that fits in your life.
  • Create step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate healthy habits into your life (so that they are with you for good!).
  • Look beyond nutrition and identify those other lifestyle habits you can improve to
  • Hold you accountable so that this time, IT. STICKS.

Program design:

Week 1 (1.5hrs): Setting the Groundwork
At the first session I will take the time to understand the unique challenges you face and what obstacles keep getting in your way. Together we will develop an action plan that you can follow so that you are set up for success right from the beginning. You will leave the first session energized and excited about finally taking control (and doing it the right way-finally).

Week 2 (1hr): It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon
We will connect after the first week in order to review the plan. You may have been energized and excited when you left the first meeting but then reality hit and you have some questions. Let’s nip any challenges that you are facing in the bud and get you moving forward over the next couple of weeks. I’ll offer some tips and strategies that you can incorporate to help you feel better faster.

Week 4 (1hr): You’re only human
So you have 3 weeks under your belt – how did it go? Do we need to make any changes, is there any thing to add/tweak so that it fits into your lifestyle a little better? Any setbacks? If so, let’s look closely at those setbacks and make a plan so that you feel empowered to overcome them in the future.

Week 6 (1hr): It starts with food but it doesn’t end there
At week 6 you’ve made some major headway in taking control of your weight and health. Up until now we have really focused on the nutrition side of the equation. But you know that is only a piece of the equation. There are so many other elements to your life that can be affecting how you look, act and feel. This week we will be looking a other elements of your life that we can tweak. Funny thing is, once you have your food dialed in, you will be clamoring to make other healthy changes in your life.

Week 8 (1hr): It’s all falling into place (or is it)
So you have a few weeks under your belt and things are looking really good. You may not know it but this is also a really risky time for you. You may feel so confident that you think that you don’t really need to take all of this so seriously. Well my friend, this is exactly the time that you need to be diligent so that you don’t fall back into those old habits again (sometimes they sneak in there and before you know it – poof – you are back at where you started). That’s not happening this time so let’s talk how to make sure this is your new normal.

Week 10 (1hr): But what about…
We are getting to the end of our journey together and you have got things under control. You have set yourself up for success and your day-to-day life is looking pretty good. Then you start thinking, what about…the holidays, travelling, setbacks…what do I do then? During this meeting we will talk about those one-off situations that often get you into trouble put together a plan that helps you handle it like a rock star.

Week 12 (1hr): Beyond the beyond
Wow! You made it to Week 12 and you feel fantastic. You had no idea that you could feel this amazing (and you look pretty darn good too). We don’t want to lose this energy, this momentum so this week we will build a plan to take you beyond the program (you know, beyond the beyond). This will be you new you, your new way of establishing the habits you want to become the person you want to be. This is your time, you have the skills, now let’s go crush it out there.

Investment: $900